How To Glue Nails Fast & Simple

How to Glue Nails fast & Simple

Easy Nail Tutorials


How to glue nail tips shows you how I glue the tips to a nail. To begin the gluing process, you’ll need to prepare the nail bed. First off, once you have done a basic manicure , next step is to roughen the nail bed. Now, when it comes to putting glue on nail tips, most people will often apply glue on the nail tip first then stick it onto the nail bed. For me, a faster way to do it is to put the tips on (just above smile line), then drop glue down, that will also create a seal and make the nail tips stick very good. The tutorial will show how to glue nail tips faster.

For how to cut down:
For completed acrylic set:

You Tube Channel: to glue on nail tips


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