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Acrylic Nails : Simple Nail Art Designs

Step by step tutorials for beginners on acrylic nails, nail art designs, and gel nails

* Stiletto Nails (also known as pointed nails). Often, the nails need some length to it. The longer the nails get, the narrower it goes toward the point.

http://easynailtutorials.com/categoryvideos/stiletto-pointed-nails/  stiletto nails

*Curve nails or bubble nails : These nails are often thick and bulky. At the center is often a big bubble of acrylics. Unique and out of the ordinary style.


*Coffin Shaped Nails: The name coffin shaped nails known for the shape of an actual coffin. Comes narrow, unlike stiletto nails which has a pointed front, coffin nails has a square front. http://easynailtutorials.com/categoryvideos/coffin-shaped-nails/

Coffin shaped nails

*Pink and White nails: Often known as french manicure nails. Inside base is a clear pink natural nail color, and the outer tips are solid white acrylic. http://easynailtutorials.com/categoryvideos/pink-white-solar-nails/

french manicure pink & white

*Glitter Nails: Nails that consist of variety of glitters. From glitter acrylic powders to glitter dust. There are no limits to what you can do with glitter nail designs. http://easynailtutorials.com/categoryvideos/glitter-nails/


*Wide Duck Nails: Extra wide tips at the edge. Known as duck nail for its resemblance of the duck feet. Again, this style is unique and out of the ordinary. http://easynailtutorials.com/categoryvideos/wide-duck-nails/

wide duck nails

*Diamonds and Bling Nails: You can check out a variety of nails that displays many different styles of diamonds and 3d nail charms. Very elegant when it comes to diamonds (nail rhinestones.)  http://easynailtutorials.com/categoryvideos/diamonds-bling-bling/

diamond nails

*Gel Polish: Soak of gel colors are made to last on natural nail beds. Unlike traditional colors, gel polish will often last up to two weeks without chipping. Best for people who doesn’t like to wear artificial nails. http://easynailtutorials.com/categoryvideos/gel-polish-nails/

Gel Polish Pro

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