Nail Products I Use

Nail Products I Use

Here are the links most requested for the Nail Products I Use

Easy Nail Tutorials aStore

Easy Nail Tutorials aStore


Items I’ve used that I highly recommend:

****Nail Brush****: You can buy my acrylic nail brush I sell at my personal eBay listing here: Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush size 20

eBay item order number: 301716190212


Amazon Store:

Acrylic Brands I use:
These are acrylics in different shades made by CND. You can get the starter pack and try it out yourself. It has a complete mini set that you can diy.

[CND Enhancement Retention Liquid Powder Starter Pack + SolarOil Acrylic Nail Kit]

[Creative Nail Perfect Color Powder False Nails, Blush Pink, 0.8 Ounce]


Liquid Brands I use:
[Creative Nail Design Retention Liquid 4. Oz]


Nail Polish Highly Requested:
Fullsize bottle of the Clear Pink by OPI called sheer tints-
[OPI Sheer Tints Color Tinted- Top Coat Nail Lacquer, Be Magentale with Me]

This is the mini bottle pack that comes in four colors to try from-
[OPI Sheer Tints Color Tinted- Top Coat Nail Lacquer, Be Magentale with Me]


Gel Curing Lamp Currently Using: This gel curing lamp is made by OPI. It uses led. Curing options are set from upward to 60seconds. Excellent choice if you want to invest in a good gel curing lamp. Best part, it cures all five nail bed as advertised. I’ve tried many gel curing lamps, and this one works best so far, from ease of use to fast gel curing.
[OPI LED Lamp Professional Salon Nail Manicure Pedicure Gel UV Cure Light 110V]


Gel Polish Line I Use:
[8 Piece IBD Just Gel Polish Soak Off LED UV Salon Spa Neo Romantique Collection]
[OPI Gelcolor Gel Nail Polish Iconic Starter Kit 2014 Set]
Shellac Topcoat & Base –
[CND Shellac Top and Base “Set of 2” Good Deal]


Recommended Drill Bits:
Young Right Hand Drill Bit. Great for beginners, guard from cutting into cuticles. Great for those who want to remove gel polish fast without damaging nail bed.
[Young Nails Right Hand Safety Bit]
Nail Drill Bit to File Down Acrylics-
[Beauties Factory Nail Drill Carbide Bit Model #C]


My aStore: