Coffin Shaped Nails

Coffin Shaped Nails

Simple Nail Designs, step by step Nail Art

How to Coffin Shaped Nails demonstrates how I apply acrylics on coffin shaped nails.
Coffin shaped nails…simply the shape of a coffin. When doing coffin shape nails,
precut the tips on the side, which will save you a lot of filing and shaping times.
In this nail tutorial, I used up to three colors. A gold glitter acrylic, blue glitter
acrylic, and green glitter acrylics. The ombre glitters are only applied to
the nail tips and the Coffin shaped nailsfront. Whole nail acrylic application are applied with the
blue glitter acrylics.  Once acrylics are dried, file in narrow and square at the top
to create the coffin shaped nails. Add some Gel Base Clear and applied some 3D Nail Art Bows.
Dry with gel led lamp and you’re done!

You can find the tutorial videos here:

you can check out my youtube channel here:

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